===========================================================> ! Important Note ! <==========================================================

The download.nanoxplore.com website is no longer updated with the latest versions of NanoXplore softwares and documentations, it will be disabled in few months.

Our new documentation database, using confluence software,  is available on the following link: nanoxplore-wiki.atlassian.net

The NanoXplore wiki replaces the download.nanoxplore.com website from now on, meaning each documentation update and each new tool release is provided on the wiki. The documentations are available for reading and datasheets for downloading (in pdf format).

To be able to download, you will have to register on the support.nanoxplore.com website, which will also serves for tracking issues if you have any trouble using NanoXplore tools. For information, the procedure to register and get the access to download NanoXplore tools is described in the following zammad related page : nanoxplore-wiki.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/Zammad

This new documentation database contains all available documents, application notes and datasheets provided by NanoXplore. A few things to know about this new system:

    • The NXmap User manual doesn’t exist anymore in its older and single pdf document version, it has been split into three confluence pages. Everything is explained in the NXmap wiki page (nanoxplore-wiki.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/NxMAP). All available official releases for NXmap, from the newest to the oldest ones, are including in this page.
    • A complete training package for NXmap with various test cases is available with its associated documentations and application notes




Welcome to the NanoXplore download website.

On this Website you will be able to download the license daemon and the nanoxmap application.

To perform the downloads you need an account. You can create one on the  register page.